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Thacholi Manikkoth Temple
Situated 2 km from Vadakara which is about 48 km from Kozhikode this temple is dedicated to Thacholi Othenan the paragon of martial arts. The ‘Kalaripayattu’ the deftful form of the art advocated by Him has set off a tradition which is much in vogue even today. This is also the birth place of the legend.

Thali Siva Temple
About 2 km from Vadakara this temple dedicated to Lord Siva built by the Zamorian Swamy Thirumulpad is a structure of the 14th century architectural excellence. ‘Revathi Pattathanam’ the annual cultural event with its cognate intellectual features is indeed a discourse in Sanskrit the India’s ancient and one of the world’s first languages. The temple celebrates an eight day festival every year.

 Lokanarkavu Utsavam


Lokamalayarkavu, or Lokanarkavu Bhagavathy temple as is familiarly known, is situated at Memunda, six kilometers east of Badagara in North Kerala.

Two festivals are celebrated here annually in the months of Vrischikam (November-December) and Meenam (March-April). The festival in Vrischikam is known as Mandalavilakku, which is the most important one. Lokanarkavu Temple
 which is associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu, combines an arresting simplicity and a legendary aura. The candid murals and carvings are a delight for art lovers.

 This temple which is associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu combines an arresting simplicity and a legendary aura. The candid murals and carvings here are a delight to art lovers.


Mannur Temple  
This temple is 12 km away from Kozhikode. The exquisitely carved Gajaprathista styled laterite structure is more than two centuries old. It is believed that Sree Parashuraman starts his Siva Linga prathista at Tiruvannur and completes it here every noon. The noon pujas here are therefore considered very special
the temple resembles the one dedicated to Lord Siva at Thiruvannur. The ‘Gajaprathishta’ of laterite structure here is over 200 years old. The legend has it that Sri Parasuraman starts his ‘Siva Linga Prathishta’ at Thirvannur and finishes it here. Hence the poojas at noon are of particular importance

This temple is dedicated to goddess Bhagavathy. The special attraction of this temple is the elephant procession during the festival season (March/April)


Thiruvangoor in Kozhikode district is famous for the Sree Mahaganapathy Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganapathy. The annual festival ‘Sivaratri Utsavam’ here lasts for two days. Cultural and ritual art forms Kerala are performed all nights during the festival. The ritual festival Theyyam is performed on the second day. It is watched by a large gathering of devotees who in the end receive ‘blessings in person’ from the ‘Theyyam’


Thali Utsavam                                                               

Venue: Thali  Siva Temple, in the heart of Kozhikode town

In the heart of Kozhikode town, an important temple of the erstwhile Zamorin   kingdom of Kozhikode, the Thali temple is famous for the Revathi Pattathanam  , an annual competition of pedagogic skills.

A square sanctorum with a Mukhamandapam   (portico), very high laterite walls and a sprawling temple pond are some of the specialities of this Siva temple. 
Built by Swamy Thirumudpad, a Zamorin, in the 14th century, within the palace complex, this temple was the venue of Revathy Pattathanam, the annual cultural festival and intellectual event at the Zamorins court
Getting there
Nearest railway station: Walkable distance.

 Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode about 23 km

The Temple is believed to have been constructed by “Kolathiri” Kings during medieval period on a plateau land generally known now as “Madai Para” in Madai Village, Kannur Taluk and District of Kerala State.  This is situating 22 km north of Kannur, the Head Quarter Town.  The “Kolathiri” Kingdom is an inherent branch of erstwhile “Mooshaka” Dynasty, which ruled “Ezhimala” empire during 5th to 8th Century.  About 1200 years back a branch of their dynasty had migrated and settled down at Madai, which was then an important port and trading center, 4 km south of Ezhimala.  They constructed castles and temples and established their head quarters on “Madai Para”, a significant plateau land lying at about 150 ft height from the sea level having sight to an extent of 20 km from all sides.  Sree Vadukunda Siva Temple was thus constructed on “Madai Para” in the southwest corner of it at a holy spot due to the presence of the divine power of “Swayambhoo” of lord Siva..........

Sri Kashi Muth 
Near Chemgam 
West Hill 
Calicut 673005
Established in 1983 by the efforts of M/S Bhat Bros. Of Calicut  and some devotees. The mutt conducts many religious functions and entrusted to the sacred feet of Srimad Sudheendra Thirtha Swamiji.
Sri Panduranga Mandir 
Sri Sukratendra Kalamandir Kamath Lane 
Near Railway Station 
Calicut 673002

The temple was constructed and inaugurated on 4th May 1969. Other than Ashada and Kartika Ekadashi, Datta Jayanthi and Paschim Jagara in kartika masa are celebrated and well attended.

Varakkal Devi Temple 
This temple is considered to be the 108th and the last Devi temple built by Sree Parasurama. It is believed that Parasurama ploughed this area in order to make Devi (the goddess) appear. The main festival here is the Vavu Bali, when thousands congregate to perform the ancestral obsequies. On this day the sea is found to be surprisingly calm as if facilitating the religious observances
The annual festival ‘Sivarathri’ is famous here

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