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Attuvela Mahotsavam

Venue:     Elankavu Bhagavathy Temple,Vadayar, 3 km from Vaikom.

Event Date: 31 Mar 2006  21 Mar 2007  07 Apr 2008  28 Mar 2009  19 Mar 2010

Vaikom is between Ernakulam (30 km) and Kottayam (40 km). Attraction:  A procession of canoes carrying a huge replica of the temple. The Goddess Bhagavathy       is the presiding deity in this small temple.

During the two day Attuvela, beautifully illuminated canoes,carrying a huge replica of the temple, glide down the waters accompanied by hordes of colourfully decorated small canoes and temple percussion music. Legend has it that this water carnival is arranged to welcome the Goddess of Kodungalloor who comes to visit her sister, the Goddess of Elamkavu. The procession of canoes starts from   Attuvela kadavu      , 2 km away from the temple.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 40 km.

Nearest airport: Cochin

Changanachery Thrikodithanam Temple
It is believed that this is one of the five temples where the original Vishnu image worshipped by the Pandavas is kept. 'The Deepam" festival is celebrated here with great joy in the month of November or December.


This temple, which is 10 km from Kottayam on the way to Changanacherry, is a famous one dedicated to Goddess Saraswathy. The Navaratri festival here attracts quite a fascinating crowd
This is an important pilgrim centre for Hindus and Muslims. Sree Dharmasastha Temple here is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Ayyappa and there is also an ancient mosque dedicated to 'Vavar' who is considered to be the friend of lord Ayyappa. 'Petta Thullal' of Kanni Ayyappa is an important festival held in


Ettumanoor is located 12 Kms north-east of Kottayam town. The ancient Siva temple here has brought glory and fame to the place.

Myths have it that the Pandavas and the sage Vyasa had worshipped at this temple. The name of the place had its origin from the word 'manoor', which means the home of deer. This is a famous temple in Ettumanoor, It is well known for its murals, especially the painting of Nataraja in the Gopuram and Ezharaponnana (71/2 elephants finished in gold). The arattu festival of this temple is celebrated on a grand scale on the Thiruvathira day in Kumbham (February-March) every year. Large number of people flock to this temple on the 8th and 10th day of the festival when seven and half elephants made of gold (nearly 13 Kgms) will be held in public view. The temple, the wealthiest Devaswom in Kerala, has many valuable possessions.

International Airport, about 50 km

Kottukkal Rock Cut Cave Temple
Separated from Chadayamangalam by a mere 11 km on the M.C.Road between Thiruvananthapuram and Kottayam this temple is an excellent specimen of rock cut architecture. Hundreds of visitors come stand and admire

Pundareekapuram Temple
Pundareekapuram is a small temple atop a small hill called Midayikunnam near Thalayolapparambu, in Kottayam District. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu mounted on his vehicle Garuda. The temple at Pundareekapuram is famous for its Mural Collection.



It is a famous place of worship. This temple is 35 km south of Kottayam on the rail /road between Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam. This temple is famous for the traditional KATHAKALI performances almost every night of the year.

Sri Krishnaswamy Temple
Just 8 km from Kottayam this temple is famous for the festival Ezhunallathu procession in which Elephants have their own part to play along with humans. The festival goes on for 10 days and so does the ritual procession. Kathakali, Ottamthullal and other classical art forms of Kerala come alive during the festival


Thirunakkara Maha Deva Temple



Venue:   Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, situated in the heart of Kottayam town.

Event Date: 15 to 24 Mar 2006   15 to 24 Mar 2007   14 to 23 Mar 2008   15 to 24 Mar 2009  15 to 24 Mar 2010

The temple dedicated to Lord Siva is famous for the grandeur of its traditional architecture. The tenday annual festival concludes with   Arattu    . Usually nine caparisoned elephants take part in the   Arattu     procession which begins in the afternoon.

Folk arts like   Mayilattom     (peacock dance),   Velakali     etc, are presented in the temple compound in the evening. A major attraction is the allnight   Kathakali     presentation on the third and fourth days of the festival. The fair, held in connection with the festival features exhibitions and agricultural products besides the usual fair ground stalls.

Getting there
Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 3 km.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about  83 km

Vaikom Ashtami                             i      

Venue:   Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, 40 km from Kottayam. 

Event Date:   24 Nov 2005,13 Dec 2006, 18 Nov 2007, 20 Nov 2008, 25 Nov 2009

The sacred Ashtami festival of the temple takes place during the dark lunar fortnight of the Malayalam month   Vrischikam     Sagittarius) which concludes on the Ashtami day.

On the Ashtami night   Thidampu     a symbolic idol of Lord Siva (known here as Vaikom Mahadeva) is taken out in procession where many of the deities of the nearby temples ceremoniously arrive. The twelveday festival of the temple falls in November-December, and is celebrated with classical dance and music performances.

On the seventh day of the festival an idol of Lord Siva’s vehicle   Rishabha         (the sacred bull) is taken out on a royal outing called Ezhunallathu. Cultural fare includes classical music and nightlong Kathakali performances on the eighth and ninth days. Kshetra Kalapeetam    , a training centre for temple art forms, a temple dedicated to   Lord Subramanya     ( Lord Siva’s son) at Udayanapuram, 3 km from Vaikom, famous for its wood carvings, stone sculptures and murals, are the major attractions nearby.

 Situated in Vaikom, 40 kms from Kottayam, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is very famous for its typical Kerala style of temple architecture and is believed to have been constructed by Parasurama, the mythological creator of Kerala. The 12 days 'Ashtami' festival is celebrated here in November or December and is renowned for its

elephant procession, religious discourses, traditional dances and important musical performance ' Panchavadyam'. Vaikom has figured prominently in the history of Kerala as the venue of the famous Sathyagraha, staged in 1925 with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi for the admission of the Harijans in the Temple.

  Getting there                            

Nearest railway stations : Ernakulam, about 36 km towards north; Kottayam, about 40 km towards south.

Nearest airport : Cochin International Airport, about 56 km

Here I might describe the photo above.

Here I might describe the photo above.